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What kind of leaves do we use?
Sable Palm

What type of wood do we use?
We prefer to use pressure treated wood.  Pressure treated wood does not rot.  Also, most people do not know this but pressure treated wood is no longer green.  It has a more beige tinge to it now.  We also use cypress but prefer pressure treated.  Cypress grows in the water but if you remove it from the water and it gets wet it rots and gets spongy inside.

Do I need a permit to build a Tiki Hut ?
It depends which area you live in.  We work directly with the Seminole Indians so in some areas all you would need is a letter stating that the Tiki Hut was built by the Seminoles.

How long does it take to build a Tiki Hut?
It depends on the size it could run between 1 -3 days.

Do i have any Warranty once my Tiki Hut is build ?
Tiki Hut Design of Miami offers to their customers a three (3) years warranty, except for damage by hurricane or termites.

How long does the thatch last?
I would say about 6-7 years and not because the Tiki Hut is leaking but because aesthetically to the eye it becomes dry and brittle.  It could last up to 10 years without a leak.